Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hey folks!  I've had my face shoved in a computer screen the past couple days finishing up the edits for a new fabric collection on Spoonflower.  
The Splat Collection is now done and live!
 So far 15 colors- "single" and "multi-color" variations, 
as well as one reverse on a blue background...

This is the scale for wallpaper...
Spoonflower, you need to get a better table/chair scenario!

What a 54" width yard would look like...
Just to give you a better sense, here is the fabric sampler I've been adjusting. 
(real life sized)
  The big yellow swatch is actually a wallpaper sample of the pattern in Citron...
 I'm loving the Citron color way and I'm tempted to do my office ceiling since I had this epic fail when I tried hanging wrapping paper on it...
do not recommend, what a mess! 

So if you need a special color /scale, shoot me an email and I can adjust the pattern...
Happy splats y'all!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Basket Shade- via IKEA

My daily equation works something likes this...

A.M.- caffeine + iTunes + work/internet
P.M.- wine + iTunes+ work/internet...

and somewhere in that mix I can be found  
making some shit or having "mind dancing awesomeness" delusions. 
(I have no moves due to my short mental capacity and 5'11" frame but in my head I'm awesome)

Today we'll continue stick to the making...
Available in 12 5/8" and 19 5/8" diameter & a couple color flavors for the cheapness of  $4.99 & $9.99 respectively...

I saw this and felt brilliant (and not brilliant since I'm not the first to think this up)...

but just in case I'm the only blog you read, here it is..

snip snap...
wooo wee a hole...
stick a a pendant light or something like that in it...
and attach...
(or a big ole' lamp for you design pervs)...

 and BONUS, the shadows look pretty...

now go have a glass of wine and pretend you can dance.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's Your Style Series: The Bedroom

Welcome back for the last round of the What's Your Style Series! 
 So far we have covered the living area and the kitchen, and we wrap it up with the bedroom.  I have been struggling with this space for years, but my bedroom is about as finished as it will ever get.  
So what is my style here?
I'd have to say Preppy / Eclectic...
I painted the walls Brittany Blue by Ben Moore for a calm backdrop,
and then added a lot more blue and navy.  We recently upgraded to a king size bed and got the navy linen headboard is from Home Decorator's Collection.  I will never go back to a hard wooden headboard after having an upholstered one... I'm a klutz and would always sit back and bang my head, so I consider this an investment in my brain cells.
I just scored these mid-century dressers at an estate sale.  They were suppose to go in my office, but I liked how they toned this room down.  I use to have white Malms in their place, but it looked almost too polished and sterile.  I feel like these throw off the preppy vibe and add interest.

I covered my lampshades in a John Robshaw fabric.
Lots of patterns going on, but they are all in the same color family to keep it more restful.
I also painted my old white Ikea drapes a la Wearstler...
I have been trying to add more color since that is what I always do and I just can't help myself.
Restraint isn't my friend.
I have been sneaking it in with art work...

and I have tested out a zillion pillow combos... 
magenta lavender...
and I've been moving art around...
but while I liked it in vignettes, the whole picture got tooooo busy.
Not restful, and that was my initial goal for this room....
so I went back to square one for calm...
Oh, and I can't forget this new addition... 
Scored this baby at Homegoods of all places!  
I never find ceiling fixtures there, so I grabbed it.

I also just found these little birds at Crate & Barrel's Outlet store for $1.99 each.
Love them!

And just to keep it real and let you know that my room NEVER looks like this, 
here is a reality shot of the wall across from my bed... 
That poor chair rarely sees the light of day!

Thanks so much for stopping over, please be sure to check out the rest of the fab blogger's homes on this tour and enter the giveaway for a $100 gift card to Online Fabric Store!

 Tuesday, March 25th

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Painted Buffalo Plaid Wall "How To" and my Entry Makeover

 When I posted a sneak peek of my painted buffalo plaid entry wall 
a while back on Instagram I got a bunch of requests for a tutorial. 
I've been dying to share the nitty gritty with you, but it was for a True Value DIY Blog Squad post.  Well, the post is finally live on their site and I am so happy to be able to share it with you.   
It is such an easy technique, and it really transformed my space.
Besides the painted wall, there are a ton of other projects and DIY's crammed into this makeover!
I'm talking organizational solutions for clutter and easy ways to spruce up old furniture.
Please hop over to StartRightStartHere to see the full entryway makeover.
See ya there!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Painted Geometric Drapes

 I had the flu a few weeks ago and spent a week in bed and a good deal of time staring at my unfinished bedroom and overdosing on Pinterest.  Once I was well, I had a crazy new project list, a pile of mojo and the sudden need to cut bangs (thanks again Pinterest) which I did almost immediately due to pent-up impulsiveness.  I also started wielding a paint brush like a crazy lady.  (If you follow my Instagram you probably already know this and saw the peach office going down- still on the fence on that one).  One a more successful note,  I finished my bedroom drapes.  I took my old white IKEA panels and painted new life into them...
I did this about a year ago with a black and white version that was looser 
and more squiggly for an O'verlays shoot:
This time I wanted a more geometric look and was inspired by Kelly Wearstler (once again).
Her pattern is on more of a grid, and I wanted mine to feel a bit more fragmented.  I found the easiest way to lay out the design was to use masking tape.  I was able to move it around, and when I got a layout I liked I just traced along the edge of the tape. 

 Once traced, I pulled the tape and mixed up my paint.  I used good old latex wall paint in a few shades of navy I had on hand.  I thinned it with a little water (about 4 parts paint to 1 part water).  You don't want it too runny because it will bleed, too thick is hard to drag across the surface-so test it out on a scrap of fabric first.
 I used a 1" and a 3/4" artist brush.  First I traced over my main lines with the 1" brush.
This left me with a good amount of white area...
 You will have very "brush strokey" lines.  Its not at all crisp, so if you want that look you might want to tape your lines out.  I like the painterly look for this application.
 I then filled in the white areas by using the 3/4" brush and adding connecting lines...
If you happen to drip, just add a line over it.
Finally, let the panel dry. 
 I was impatient with the first and hung it immediately.  
I got some wet paint smudges, so just wait- trust me.  Or use a hairdryer.

I did 4 panels total, and each one is different...

And here they are up:
This weekend I am hoping to finish the peach office.  What are your plans?  
I can't wait for spring and to start working on the outside, but unfortunately we still have a ways to go with all the snow.  In the meantime I hope to channel all my "hut happy" into getting some indoor projects off the list.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whats Your Style Series- The Kitchen + Giveaway

Many of you have seen the transformation of my kitchen over the past 5 years.  It has gone from a "Very Brady" kitchen to a "painted everything" and now we are at the "ripped it wide open stage".
 Today I'm talking kitchens as part of the What's Your Style Series that Jenna organized.  Last month was all about living rooms, and next month I'm pretty excited to talk bedrooms (we haven't gone there much around here).
 So in case you are new, let me catch you up to speed on what I've been working with .
Here is my kitchen when we moved in circa 2009.  Lots of walnut laminate, lots of laminate period!
There was a wall separating it from the "den" that we lived with for a while until my husband decided to knock it down on a whim- bless his heart, demolition makes me a happy woman!
Here was the situation one year ago.
Walls down, a giant mess...
And current day...
 Taking the walls down made everything so much better and brighter, and gave use new zones to live in.  The space is now broken into three parts: kitchen, dining and lounging.
So what is my style?  
It's sort of EclecticMod-CottageBeachy, Vintage.
But I think I have to add Budget in here too.  This kitchen has a whole lot of DIY that saved some serious bucks going on in it.  Lets start with paint...

 We painted almost every surface in this kitchen.  Ceiling, counters, cabinets...
Thank goodness for paint that is specialized for laminate!
The look I wanted was Mod-CottageBeachy.
The Vintage just happened naturally due to bone structure ;)
The upper cabinets went white, the lowers a deep navy blue.
The kitchen cabinets were in great shape and had tons of storage.
I liked that they were simple and flat.  We added IKEA hardware to the doors, changed out the fridge and dishwasher and painted stripes on the ceiling.  I love the vintage ovens, but sadly the lower one is all that works so a new plan is on the horizon for them.  

One of my favorite areas is the little built in desk.
It acts as Minecraft central for the kids...

We even painted the countertops to look like marble.
I have a tutorial on how to do it it here.  
 It's been three years and it's starting to wear though, but it was a great money saving fix for the interim.
See the cutting board below?  It hides a nasty burn mark from a pot, so it never moves.  
I recently added a valance.  Need to tailor it a bit more, not sure I'm loving since I've had this window naked for 5 years...

 And this brings me to my work room (a.k.a. my dining table)...
My Dad built the table as a wedding gift, and he made it wide enough to fit a width of fabric and long enough (8') to cut wallpaper.  I'm here A LOT making messes.
The chairs were flea market finds I painted Palladian Blue...
and the lights I built from old vintage spaghetti pendants and welded (with Dad's help again) into some orbs I scored at Homegoods.  
I guess this is part of the space is where the Eclectic/ Vintage  comes in.  I repurposed this old dresser as a side board/ bar and painted it a gray/ blue to work of teh kitchen cabinets.  I added an old neon sign (kind of makes dieting hard with a donut reminder staring at you).

The rest of the space is technically "living area" than kitchen, but it all flows together... 
it's kind of the lounge for folks while I cook.
I just recently added drapes, after a year of painful indecision.  
I found the fabric here , and it was a great price!  I was nervous about so much red cause I'm not a "red" girl by nature, but I really love how it warms up all my blue I have going on.
and I love how it picks up my coral red door (which I am currently writing this from behind it)...
 The coffee/ Mojito perches for the pyro loving folk...
and here is the view from the end of the room.  
We do plan on updating the counters and opening the oven wall up to the mudroom/sunroom in the next year or two so things will change once again, and who knows... my style might too!
I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  
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